All the requisite abilities and skills applied in Dragon Titan Uprising Game


The dragons which are used in the Dragons: titan uprising game have unique and stunning features. The dragons have variant qualities and skills which are too much liked by the people as this is a great reason for its popularity.  If you are unable to get how to upgrade the abilities of the dragon, then it is quite easy as you can use One can also go to the menu screen and had to tap on the dragon after that you had to scroll up for the profile, and in such way, you can easily check the abilities of the dragon.

Upgrade your dragons with the easiest way

If your dragon gets an injury during the task, then it is the best way to upgrade all the skills to the dragons. Also, you can remove the buff and also inflicts the bonus points for the damaged dragon. By increasing the level of the dragons, you can easily level and upgrades the abilities of your subscribed dragons.  For that, you had to go to the dragon profile page, and after that, you had to level up and also you can choose the dragons which you want to remove instead of the selected dragons. Once you got selected the dragon which is mentioning above the level button and after that you will see the chance of the ability of the dragons.

Know about the color and enemy dragon

Enemy dragon and the color dragon is the crucial thing which matters a lot in the following game. You may get bonus when red color deals with the green dragon. With respect to the elemental relationship, you can easily change the squad option, but it can be done when you enter before the battle.  The color of the enemy dragon is green, and after that, it is very easy to add squad in the red dragon.



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