Best way to know about car lifts

Best way to know about car lifts

What is car lift, if you want to know visit Wiki? It has been made easy for the owners of car to park the car which lifts the car at low storage space. The best car lift are made up of strong quality of materials which is made for safe purpose can hold limited weight as mentioned and gives maximum free space. There are two different types of major car lifts such as service lifts and storage lifts.

Service lifts

The name service itself tells us what is used for, this can be useful for your own works who own car, they do not have ramps as the storage lifts instead of ramps they consists of two posts which is designed to swing under the car. When you drive car in between the two posts the arms automatically rises up the car from its sides, which consists of the following such as:

v  It makes work simple and easy providing large space under the car.

v  The car requires less space to park in the shop or at home.

v  It helps to free the wheels and tires for the maintenance.

Storage lifts

The storage means it provides large space to park extra cars that usually constructed with 4 posts lift with ramps. It has the capacity to store the car with tight space to make storage for the other car; you can drive the car up to the ramps, lift the ramps and then store the car in to it. The storage lifts are constructed in heights so as to provide space for the other car. There are even auto lift ramps which it does all the work of driving the car on to the ramps and then storing them. Few of the storage models are provided with the flooring attachments which allow storing the boxes, motor cycles and other extra load as it is solid floor.

There are 4 types of best car lifts that are mentioned as follows:

v  4 Post Lifts with ramps

v  2 Post Lifts with arms

v  Scissor Lifts

v  Portable Vehicle Lifts

4 Post Lifts with ramps

Ramps are constructed in such a way to lift a vehicle for long hours that is designed with best stability which is one of the most commonly used lifts. As the ramps consumes large workspace you cannot work on wheel, tires, brakes or cannot make storage under the car as it has low ability. 

2 Post Lifts with arms

Generally these types of lifts are not made ideal as it has compact storage space which is a primary type of car lifts. Since the vehicle is made up of two arms when you work on the engines, brakes, tires or some other parts you may knock off balance of the car.

Scissor Lifts

These types of lifts are very compact which is constructed with 5 inches of height, they are simply portable. They do not get fastened as it located on the shop floor which is driven to the top where the car is lifted with the help of scissors as they are light in weight than the post lifts to transport the vehicle.

Portable Vehicle Lifts

The portable lifts are small as they are not constructed to get the full size of the trucks that is 8 feet away from the ground. But it may be carried by one person to move anywhere to provide large space to store the other vehicles which is unique from the other car lifts.