Dominations tips and tricks – best-attacking methods

Dominations tips and tricks – best-attacking methods

This game totally depends on attacks and ages, all things have been initiated at dawn age which provides you the tutorial on this game. Players can move to other ages by upgrading their town hall, with the unlocking of a new age, you will be able to upgrade new buildings and troops. It’s very complicated to reach cold war age which is the highest rank in the game. Users can allocate many resources from dawn to Stone Age, every stage contents with a particular area of human civilianization. In December 2016 game has launched their new update with atomic age in wiki.

With the help of article, you will able to find several Dominations methods and tips that particularly focus how to attack your enemies with effective and efficient ways.

Several kinds of attacks

Before creating any perfect plan you need to know that there are two types of attack available in the game. The first one is medal attacks where you have to earn five stars in each battle which gives you many medals. However, the second one is farming attacks where you have to mainly focus on resources by using Dominations Hack than medals.

Which attack is better?

if you are going to play the game with dawn age then you should start it with farming attacks which is better because they will give you as much as loot. These attacks will help you to upgrade your level and town hall. If you thinking that your base is boosting then you should carry out medal attacks.

Start medal attacks

Well if your town is upgrading with farming attacks then why you need to pay attention to medal attacks. Basically, if you have fewer medals then you cannot get many chances of benefits. keep in mind one thing, it totally depends on the medal count.

Wipe out all buildings with farming

Before attacking any house always remember one thing you should try to defense many buildings as much as you can. Then you will able to go ahead and get the highest number of troops. Getting highest resources might be helping you to recreate your groups and retrain your available armies.

Choose your troops on the type of attacks

There are certain kinds of troops available in the game in which horse raiders and soldiers would be great kinds of defenders for attacks. While, if you are going to attack for medals then horsemen, wall miners, and ballistics will be enough for you.

Some weakest areas

It is the very complicated thing you should work on weakest areas like towers and defensive structures despite undefended areas.  If you have destroyed those structures then you have done best experiment with that.

Give some blessings to your troops

Before launching your troops to battlefield you should give them some blessings. You have to unlock first thing armors blessing that would help you to improve your troop health immediately. However, having a loot blessing will make tons of help in farming and medal attacks always require weapons permission.