How to Boost Your Performance Clash Of Kings

Nowadays it is important for everyone to add some games to their busy life for entertainment. Clash of Kings is the best game for the people of different age group, and it is a good source to convert the boring life into an interesting one.  The Elex Wireless studio freely launches it with high-rated graphics and impressive gameplay.  The game also gives you the in-app purchase option to use the real money to make the game easy for you.

You can show your fighting skills to the friends by using the online battle mode. It is hard for the beginners to play it correctly. They should use the guide to learn all the basics things.  The player can also use the YouTube to watch the videos of professional players.

Information about Materials

In Clash of Kings Hack, you can collect many of materials to earn the bonus coins. If you want to collect the materials of the same color to earn points, then you should participate in the special events. It is better for you to do the farming and kill more enemies to earn more bonuses.


  • Train the army perfectly because you don’t know about the attacks of enemies. Use all type of troops to make a strong team.
  • Try to always continue the work of buildings with the help of workers, and it is helpful for you to build a large number of buildings for the citizens.
  • Always make target to all the new players, because they don’t know the attacks and you can up the level of your game with it.
  • Participate in every type of events to collect all the rewards and become the best player.
  • Upgrade all the weapons to save your empire from the attacks of enemies. Take help from the colleges to apply all the new techniques in your town.
  • Collect the same color material to earn the extra points quickly.

Hire temporary builders 

In the game, you can also hire the builders by yourself to continue your work in hard times. It needs approximately 250 gold coins for using those workers for two days. It can make the work easy for you and it helps you increase the level quickly.

By using all these tips, you can make your performance better without using the real amount of money.


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