Important tips for Playing Merge Dragon

Playing game is very convenient approach to cut down your stress. The game with some tiny puzzles makes your mind productive and relaxed. If you like any dragon, then you should check out merge dragon game. It consists of various dragons with different characteristics, along with this some new lands. It’s vibrant 3D visual graphics and with some colorful theme makes it very popular. If you start playing, then easily download on playstore or game websites.

The game is free of cost but if you add some additional power, so that you may pay some real money.

  • One big question is how to play?

In the game, dragon homes are the significant part of a game. The new land of the game is allowed the dragons to sleep. All dragons are different from each other. Each level has own dragon, and let you complete the tips. Every dragon has own home if a home is more than dragons than you can start merging them.

  • Maintain your time at camp

You can passes time at camp by some productive activities those increase your strength on the game. The numbers of camps you create on it. On this land, you will grow some of vegetables or fruits on it, if you have free time you can collect some of your fruits and grains.

  • Dragon stars and dragon gems

Gems are generally many of games currency, and these gems help you in achieving your goals. You can invest them for some new dragons or objects. Merge dragons have two currency types namely dragon stars and gems. When you complete quest level, you can get dragon stars. Step by step you can collect some gems, and this will make you master of the game. Just play more level, so you get some gems and rewards.  Gems and currency make your game’s collection boards bigger so by using Merge Dragons Hack.

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