Why Battlelands Royale Is Better Than Other Action Games

Games are very important for those, who play the games as a source of entertainment in their life. It is easy to find many games on the app store or play store but if you are finding the unique action game, then battle lands Royale is the best game for you. If you know about the battles and weapons, then it is the best platform to show your skills to everyone.  The game has high-rated graphics and amazing gameplay that makes the game better than any action games.

Tricks to win the battles      

If you are old player of the game, then maybe you know that it is important to play the game smartly to win the battles. You have to take care of many of things to increase your level so you can get Battlelands Royale Cheats.

Grab the best guns- In the game it is important for everyone to use the best weapons to win more and more fights. Always try to know the situation first to select the best weapon for that moment. Keep an eye on your targets to save your health for the difficult times. You can collect many of guns in a single time, and it is helpful for you if you are using the small guns in the early stages.

Use the headshot– if you are facing many of enemies at the single time, then it is better for you to shot at the head of your opponents. With the help of a headshot, you can kill your enemies more quickly, and the best shots can improve your level.

Find shield first  

At the starting point, you have to save your health by using the shield.  You can see your health bar at the top of your screen.  One shield is not enough for you to survive, you have to collect many shields to win another battle. If you are not able to find the shield, then you can take help from the loot dropping.

Always try to get the blue shield for the big battle, because blue shields are more powerful than normal shields.

Jurassic World Alive- Important role of Currencies

Everyone likes to play the game because it reduces the stress level of the person. So today we talk about the most popular Jurassic world alive. That is the best simulation game in the whole world. It supported both IOS and Android devices. A lot of adventure are available and high graphic supported. You can also link with google account. So many types of dinosaur present in it and team match are also available. The currencies are the important part of it for purchase any things and other items related to upgrading.

Types of currencies-

Many kinds of coins are available in it. Every currency has played an important role. With the currencies, you can upgrade your dinosaurs and buy the many things. All things require money. So today we talk about the important part of currencies in-game and types of currencies in game. Follow the coins.

  1. Coins
  2. Food
  3. DNA
  4. Bucks
  5. VIP packs

These are the types of currencies in game. Every money has different works. So now I tell you to work in currencies in detail.

  1. Coins-

That is the important currency of the game. The primary currency also calls it. They are used to activate the food production facility. You can also purchase the buildings from coins. That is also used for decoration of the building. It is collected by the action in the game. Many sources are also available like dinosaurs, buildings and completing missions. One other source is that you are winning the coins with live arena match or from a card. So that is the most important part of the game. So always use the coins carefully or by getting Jurassic World Alive Cheats.

  1. Foods-

It is much more currency then coins. We also called that the foods are so important for playing the game. That is used to level up of your dinosaurs. That currency is a combination of two currencies. In other words, the foods are so useful for improving your dinosaur performance. It can be obtained via the food production facility. You can also earn from completing missions and prizes for wheel or into the card packs. So that is the best way to earn foods in it. From this, you can boost up your dinosaurs level.

  1. DNA-

The DNA is the valuable currency of the game. It is useful for purchase the dinosaur and fuses it together. In other words, we can say that it is so valuable to buy the dinosaurs. That is not collected from a facility or building. You can obtain by winning the prize on the wheel, completing missions, selling dinosaurs or from card packs. So that is the way to earn DNA. It is used to create hybrids dinosaurs. We also called that most important currency to buy dinosaurs and made the hybrid dinosaurs.


The bucks are another currency of the game. It is used to speed up your game or process fast in it. It is used to Boost up your game speed or also increases the dinosaur speed. So focus on the bucks to earn the bucks.



Amazing tricks for playing Hempire

Amazing tricks for playing Hempire

Stimulation games are very popular because you can learn many new things by playing them. You should also try Hempire on your gaming device because of its numerous features and remarkable gameplay.

It is a farm stimulating game where you will be learning with many new things about farming industry. The player can also indulge is business dealing and have great fun. There are some troubles which you are expected to resolve. There are many types of crops which you can grow and earn more gaming cash to do fast progress.

Learn to do business

Hempire is full of enterntainment where you can grow various crops in your own farm and also indulge in the development of a city. The player is also allowed to buy and sell the crop to earn profit through demand and supply. There is no doubt that you can enjoy variety of things in one game which is very nice.

The graphics are superb and you will love them. There is no doubt that on the initial level you will not be paying anything to download. However, in-app store are there where you can spend the real world money to fasten your gaming progress.

How to be on the top

There is no sense of playing a game where you cannot touch the peak point. Well, for this you will certainly need some extra tips and tricks to handle various situation of the Hempire game. Here are some of the very simple to follow trips and tricks through which you can make big changes and impress everyone.

Watching every step of progress

There is no doubt that in the Hempire you will have to work on many aspects of the farming at a time. For this, it is very necessary to know about the correct navigation method through which you can watch every single activity closely.

You must try to use the buttons which are presented at the bottom of the screen. By using them you will be able to move to different places without wasting a single moment. For example, you can go to farm, growing house and also keep an eye on the lab to know about the progress of hybrids.

Fasten the growing process

There are many things that need your constant attention in the Hempire but the cultivation of crops need more. Here you should know the fact that you should stop close them game when you are in the middle of growing process.

To fasten the process of growing plants, you must water them on the regular basis. This can be a bit tricky task because people hardly get them to play the game for long hours but it is very important to water the plants. Best results can be obtained by hitting all watering times.

These are some of the very basic tips that you can follow but you should also know the fact that many upgrades are always there you should try to use them. By doing this you will be able to stay ahead than other players in Hempire so by getting Hempire Hack 2018.



Dominations tips and tricks – best-attacking methods

Dominations tips and tricks – best-attacking methods

This game totally depends on attacks and ages, all things have been initiated at dawn age which provides you the tutorial on this game. Players can move to other ages by upgrading their town hall, with the unlocking of a new age, you will be able to upgrade new buildings and troops. It’s very complicated to reach cold war age which is the highest rank in the game. Users can allocate many resources from dawn to Stone Age, every stage contents with a particular area of human civilianization. In December 2016 game has launched their new update with atomic age in wiki.

With the help of article, you will able to find several Dominations methods and tips that particularly focus how to attack your enemies with effective and efficient ways.

Several kinds of attacks

Before creating any perfect plan you need to know that there are two types of attack available in the game. The first one is medal attacks where you have to earn five stars in each battle which gives you many medals. However, the second one is farming attacks where you have to mainly focus on resources by using Dominations Hack than medals.

Which attack is better?

if you are going to play the game with dawn age then you should start it with farming attacks which is better because they will give you as much as loot. These attacks will help you to upgrade your level and town hall. If you thinking that your base is boosting then you should carry out medal attacks.

Start medal attacks

Well if your town is upgrading with farming attacks then why you need to pay attention to medal attacks. Basically, if you have fewer medals then you cannot get many chances of benefits. keep in mind one thing, it totally depends on the medal count.

Wipe out all buildings with farming

Before attacking any house always remember one thing you should try to defense many buildings as much as you can. Then you will able to go ahead and get the highest number of troops. Getting highest resources might be helping you to recreate your groups and retrain your available armies.

Choose your troops on the type of attacks

There are certain kinds of troops available in the game in which horse raiders and soldiers would be great kinds of defenders for attacks. While, if you are going to attack for medals then horsemen, wall miners, and ballistics will be enough for you.

Some weakest areas

It is the very complicated thing you should work on weakest areas like towers and defensive structures despite undefended areas.  If you have destroyed those structures then you have done best experiment with that.

Give some blessings to your troops

Before launching your troops to battlefield you should give them some blessings. You have to unlock first thing armors blessing that would help you to improve your troop health immediately. However, having a loot blessing will make tons of help in farming and medal attacks always require weapons permission.

Surprising ways to enjoy FIFA mobile

Surprising ways to enjoy FIFA mobile

Football is the most famous and favorite game among the individuals across the world. This is a perfect team game which can teach you many social skills as well. Well, if you don’t have time to play this in the real world then you can take the help of FIFA mobile game. You can play world-class tournaments and matches in this game. The best part is that at the time of downloading this game you don’t have to pay anything for it. In case you want to make it more entertaining soon than you can also spend the real world money and buy in-app purchases.

Why it is first choice of players?

–         The graphics and animations which are presented in FIFA mobile are fully capable to give you remarkable experience of FIFA. You will feel that everything is happening in the real world and twitter.

–         Now you can try this whenever you get time on your mobile. You can also be a team manager here whose role is to keep the team update all the time for the next match.

–         You can also alter in the present team and include legendary players to have a better team.

–         In this real-time game, you can also set the matches with the other teams to benchmark your great football gaming skills.

Be a winner

There is no doubt that players across the world are there to challenge you in the virtual world of FIFA mobile.

–         Some players are well versed in the game because they are spending the real world money. But you can also do that even without spending much with Fifa Mobile Cheats 2018.

You can go for some advanced tricks and tips to be ahead than others in this game. Here are some very helpful and nice tricks for you which can improve your gaming experience in many folds.

Stay active

1-    There are many things which will be happening on the daily basis. Thus you should stay active in the game most of the time. This way you will be able to take the best benefit of many things. For example, you should play the daily events on the regular basis.

2-    There are dual benefits of it. You will learn many new and important moves. For winning, there are mind-blowing rewards which are waiting for you.

Learn new plans

–         You should also know about the smart plans which can earn you many great rewards. You will be able to compete with them in the FIFA mobile and win superstar players.

–         There is no doubt that to complete a plan you will have to work hard in the virtual world of FIFA mobile. But this can be done through the regular efforts.

–         You should also keep repeating them to get master at them. You can also earn the very good amount of coins by selling more players. But never forget the fact that you should have a good substitute for the player in your team.

Get high rated players

–         You should try to gain high rated players for your team members. Never forget the fact that high rated players can improve the chances of winning for your team.

–         There is no doubt that you will have to spend the considerable amount for them. But when you will look at the results, it is worthy of your money.

Keep earning

You should keep buying and selling players but make sure that it is not hampering the performance of your team. You should also make a perfect strategy through which you can earn a significant amount of coins for you in FIFA mobile game.

You should also keep an eye on the market. This way you will be able to grab a wonderful opportunity of buying the best players for your team. 


Fall in love with someone in IMVU

Fall in love with someone in IMVU

Are you keen lover of playing some virtual reality game? Well, you must try IMVU for great fun and virtual relations. There are mind-blowing things waiting for you and you can enjoy every segment of the gaming world through this role-playing game with 3D chat.

Millions of players are already there. They are playing this game from nearly 80 countries and thus you can easily find a person to hang out in the virtual world of this game. This is a unique game with advanced gaming features.

Beautiful concept

–         The concept of IMVU is very nice where you can design your own avatar and control every activity of it. There are great things that you can do with it and have more fun.

–         Interesting features like designing costume and appearance of your avatar are making it perfect and you will love to do that when there are people around you. They will be noticing every single aspect of your gaming style.

–         You will also get attention for your dressing sense and fashion. People may also follow your dressing style and other things.

Be a celebrity and get famous

–         Have you ever thought about being a celebrity? You can be a celebrity because people may start following you in the virtual world of IMVU.

–         There are some mind-blowing things that you can do in the virtual world of IMVU.

–         You can do chatting, dancing, and meeting with the new people. You can also go on the social parties, dates and many other events. The cartoons which are playing the role of your avatar can be very sexy and attractive.

Start collection

–         Now you must be wondering about the way of acquiring a different kind of material in IMVU game.

–         Well, for this you may need the gaming currency. Credits are known as gaming money in it and you will have to spend ample of credits for getting goods and clothes for your avatar.

–         Without spending the credits you can hardly make significant progress in it. You can also get them by spending the real world money.

Do shopping

–         Shopping of clothing and other things may be very helpful. The importance of doing this also increases when you are trying to impress others.

–         You can go into the parties by wearing smart and sexy dresses. This way you can enhance your social network and be popular among different players soon.

–         The best part is that you can also connect through social media websites. The best part is that you can also indulge in the safe virtual sex in this game. Everything is perfect and presented in a very safe way.

Control everything

–         Making good relationship is a very hard thing in the real world but you can easily do that with IMVU credits game.

–         You must know the fact that here you can easily control your outlook, body shape, and many other factors. By doing this you can be a charming person and be the center of attraction.

Virtual relationships are great because there are free from the distraction of the real world. The only common objective is sharing some good time and having great fun.




Things You Must Know About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Things You Must Know About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter is one of the famous series and there are lots of games available that are based on it. In order to make progress or enjoy the features of this game, you have to download it first. After this, there are lots of tasks and challenges that you have to complete to earn in-game resources and currencies. You can play this game whenever you want on your mobile devices in order to make your game experience more interesting.

In Facebook, you can check out the different beneficial details regarding the game that can help you while playing it.  


It’s all about Currencies

Well, there are two types of currencies available in the game and you should also check them out to earn them easily. These two types of currencies are named as coins and gems. Coins are the primary currency whereas the gems are the premium currency of the game. There are lots of ways by which you can earn currencies but all are not easy and simple. Try Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack and it will definitely help you to get unlimited currencies in the game.

Coins are required for lots of tasks in the game. With the help of spending coins, you can easily hang out with your friends and also able to complete lots of other challenges available in the game. On the other hand, earning gems in the game is not a piece of cake. This currency is also required to refill the energy meter quickly. With the help of both currencies, players can also buy different cosmetic items from the game shop in order to customize their own character in the game.

Beneficial details about energy

As you all know that energy is the main component of the game which also has a great importance in the game. If you are playing the game but don’t have enough currency then you can’t play properly. There are lots of issues that you have to face. There are many other tasks available in the game that you can’t complete without spending energy and it is also one of the big disadvantages. There are plenty of methods to earn energy in the game. You can easily get the energy back after leveling up in the game or by spending your real money.

Always try to focus more on the gameplay otherwise you have to face many complications. You should also play the game wisely and it will help you to acquire unlimited energy in the game. With the help of this, you can complete different kinds of tasks in the game with ease.

Imperative tips to follow

There are many players who need some assistance to play the game in an effective manner. If you are also one of them there are lots of tips that you should follow. All these tips are as follow:

·         Try to level up in the game in order to refill your energy meter in the game. With the help of this, you can easily get back the energy to complete different challenges and tasks in the game.

·         Always sped gems and currency wisely in order to save them for future to play the game without having complications.

·         There are various hidden locations available from where you can collect the energy points to complete lots of challenges and tasks.

With the help of all the above-mentioned tips, players are able to make progress in the game. In this way, they can acquire lots of currencies and resources to make the game easier and simple to play.



Overview Of Episode Choose Your Story

Overview Of Episode Choose Your Story

Episode – choose your story is one of the games which have grabbed a lot of attention to itself within a very short period of time. The love of gamers towards it can be seen by the figures of downloads. There are millions of people who are downloading this game and enjoying a unique game. In the beginning, the person is in need of creating a character for themselves. How the person wants their character to depend on the imaginations of theirs.

It is a suggestion to take sufficient time while establishing the avatar as it will be playing a major role. One thing that every single gamer should be keeping in their mind is – making progress in the game is not that easy. It demands proper game resources and earning game resources is not easy, but you can use Episode Hack.

Tips to get best content for the story

There are a number of players which are facing the problems in understanding the reasons which stop their story from getting published. The game developers and creator of the game have to say that there are some points which demand special attention. All of them are covered below; a person can go through them and cut-off the complications.

·         Any sort of violence and assault towards the other character in game or animals is not acceptable.

·         The stories which promote suicide, harming self, abuse and stuff like that are prohibited

·         Activities conducted which pollutes the mind of the gamer like adult-material; porn and stuff are not allowed.

·         The phrases and dialogue with sexual abuse are also objectionable.

Moving further, at the time of submitting the story or creating it the player should make sure they should avoid all the above-stated points. In case the player takes above-stated guidelines lightly, there are chances of not getting the story publishes. Therefore in order to get surety focus on the guidelines.

Can a story be published without completion?

The answer to this question is depending on the count of episodes that a user has created. According to the guideline of game, a person should complete at least 3 episodes before getting the story published. Once the person has created three episodes, they are good to go for publishing it as the further story can be completed later. As the player is finished with creating an episode, they can add it to the published story of theirs.


FIFA Mobile – Play Strategically!

FIFA Mobile – Play Strategically!

In order to be the best player in FIFA Mobile, players need to pay attention to the gameplay and other aspects related to the game. It is important for the beginners to complete tutorial otherwise they have to face lots of issues while playing the game. By completing the tutorial, they can earn in-game resources and also get an idea about the real matches. With the help of this, they can also do practice and improve their skills which are also important to play in the better way. Players should always try to attain a maximum number of resources in the game to play in an effortless manner.

Well, there are many people who are just paying attention only to earning currency in the game which is not good. They should pay equal attention to the various aspects like building up a team, upgrading the players and much more.

Features of the game

The game is really simple and easy to play so you don’t need to make efforts to learn more about the controls. You just need to play in the tutorial mode and this will help you to know the techniques of playing the game. There are lots of attention-grabbing features present in the game. The game is free to play but also offers some in-game purchases for which you have to spend money. You need to know the thing that the game mechanism is really very simple so you don’t need to pay efforts while playing it.

The game developers also offer lots of rewards and prizes for the players which can also motivate them to play in a better way. You should also try to win all these rewards that will bring up your ranking on the leaderboard.  

Live events and challenges

There are many live events as well as challenges in which you can take part to earn resources and currencies of the game. In order to collect sufficient resources in the game, players need to take part in the challenges as well as live events. With the help of this, they can earn good amount of coins and other currencies which they can later use to acquire player packs and other in-game items. Players also need to know more about these features so they can get the best out of it. In this way, they can earn resources that can also help them to eliminate all the issues that they are facing while playing the game. 

While playing league challenges, players can also team up with their friends or siblings to challenge the other leagues. By doing this, you can take the benefits of the skills and abilities of others to play matches and it also helps you to win.

Team management

You have to play the role of a GM to play the game and it is also important to complete all the responsibilities. You have to choose the best players for the team and then try to improve their performance by training or purchasing the upgrades for them. You should always try to boost the performance of your team players which will help you to defeat them while playing matches. You need to manage the team in a proper way that will help you to eliminate all the complications and issues while playing the game.

Moreover, it is also important for the players to follow some awesome tips and tricks to play the game, by trying Fifa Mobile Hack. With the help of this, they can easily acquire desired resources that they can use for various purposes as according to their desire.


Fun and adventure with Rule of Survival

Fun and adventure with Rule of Survival

With the advancement of the technology, everything is changing with a rapid speed. The world of entertainment industry is also changing with a rapid speed. The smart phones have also changed the way of playing mobile games.

With the android mobile phone operating system, you can have several advantages and play mind blowing games like Rules of survival. In this game you are suppose to survive at very stranger place.

There are many other activities that you are supposed to do. In this game you will be placed on a completely new place. While landing and going to the new place, many adventurous things are waiting for you.

New weapons and equipment

There are new types of weapons and arcade equipment given to the player in Rules of survival game.

You can also choose them up and decorate your character to fight with any kind of unreal situation. By doing this, you will be able to make everything more interesting and entertaining for you.

You must be surprised to know the fact that other may also try to pick up the weapons and other resources of the game before you reach at them. But you must know the fact that selecting them before other is the most important thing for you.

Be powerful

You should try your level best to collect as many weapons and other resources as you can. Now you must be thinking about the correct method to deal with every situation perfectly.

You must know the fact that dealing is very important and for this you must try your best to keep yourself moving from one place to other. By doing this you will be able to avoid the unwanted enemies in Rules of survival.

It is quite possible that when you are trying to stay at one position, other may be able to find out your location and attack on you.  

Movements and shelters

The situation of handling the things is a bit more complex in the Rules of survival as compare to other games.

Here you are not supposed to find a perfect situation and stay there for a long period of time.

On the contrary of this, you are expected to keep moving to the new places and keep searching the new circumstances and resources to survive.

The overall concept of Rules of survival game is very nice and you will hardly find any other game which is offering such amazing war zone things at one place. You must try to play this game and explore everything about the characters with Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018.