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World of tanks blitz game is free to download and play. MMO action packed shooter game has great roster of more than 300 massive tanks and awesome graphics to enjoy the game. Action packed 7-V-7 tank battles to enjoy the real and alternate historical combat no matter where the player is in the game.

Online mobile game can be enjoyed with multiplayer gameplay and player of this game can play and use World of Tanks Blitz Hack as well as other beautiful and unique features of the game.

Battles missions of the game

The game of World of Tanks Blitz has many different missions to play and the tasks of the player become larger and harder but with more rewards with the hardship. There player has to complete not only three but ten missions daily. The higher player’s tier goes, the higher the missions level becomes. Including other rewards of the game there is new warpaints for any tank the player uses during the battles.

Maintaining Balance with improvements

The game of World of Tanks Blitz has armor for the sides of the vehicles and tanks like lower sides, upper sided plates and hatches and with these entire player feels confident to play well. The game developer has removed inefficient guns and engines from the game.

Camouflage function of the game to hide

There is a famous world tactic that is to hide and the player of the game has same here in the form of different warpaints six rare tanks such as Oasis, Hexagons, carbon, Green mamba, and Radiant Energy. Player of the game may also use World of Tanks Blitz Hack tool for the same purpose.

Other significant improvements

The game has a new detailed overview screen that shows concealment parameters in proportion when moving in any direction.

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