How to install Rainlendar and connect it to Google Calendar and Tasks

– Go to
– In Downloads get the correct version for your operating system
– The free Lite version has basic functionality
– The paid Pro version adds support for network calendars
– Run the downloaded installer to install Rainlendar
– Start Rainlendar and go to Options
– In Calendars add a new calendar
– Choose “Google Calendar (v3)” as the calendar type
– Go through the authentication process
– Finish the “Add Calendar” wizard
– Repeat the process but now choose “Google Tasks” as the calendar type
– Click OK to close the Options dialog
– Wait a while for the events and tasks to get loaded from the server and you should see them on your desktop
– You can see all your events and tasks from the Rainlendar’s Manager dialog


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  • Hello! So from my understanding I need to have to pro version in order to have rainlendar continually sync live with my google calendar?

    Sunny Lee June 28, 2020 9:09 am Reply

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