Zoids Wild King of Blast(Switch) – Mission Mode: Gallagher Story

Here we play Gallagher’s Story Missions from the Story Mode in which you unlock pieces for the Gallery aswell as the ability of him using Wild Blast in Free Battle and Continuous Battle modes (Provided you unlocked him first by playing Continuous Battle mode with one character) and the Pallet Swap for Death Rex known as Death Rex Origin near the end.

Gallagher and Death Rex are pretty much beastly in their attacks though I am not so sure if he really has a gimmick aside from strangely powering up after using the Wild Action called Happy Meal aswell as being able to replenish Blast Meter with Death Dynamo since the meter doesn’t fill like Wild Blast characters do as Death Blast is a Forced awakening rather than the Pilot and Zoid working together in sync with a Zoid Key(which also works with his Wild Blast variant as I will show later on in another video) He is also the main antagonist of the series even for his pretty nutty and off the wall funny behavior his design is distinctively Mad Max inspired which also applies to the Z-Boys and Soder even though he is not in this game(At least if one of the 6 Free DLC Zoids isn’t a Raptor)


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  • what is the game

    Vincent Moleno June 27, 2020 2:28 pm Reply
  • ギャラガーの残酷さってあたしに似てる。

    ガルルモン June 27, 2020 2:28 pm Reply
  • looks fun… i cant find this game on european eshop..

    Roen June 27, 2020 2:28 pm Reply

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